As you are aware, the internet is an excellent source of information. On account of this, you should get used to surfing the internet to gather useful information . You are advised to access the following websites to get additional study materials on the topics covered in this Course. Just click on the URLs below to go to the websites.

To get some information on a topic from this website, please key- in a topic. For example, if you want to get some information on "parliamentary government", just type the words and search. You could then download and save or print out the information.

You could also get information on a variety of subjects from this encyclopedia site.

To get more information and clear definitions of the concepts/political terms covered in this Course, please go to the following portals:


You could get some information on the organization of the courts system (superior courts and subordinate courts) and their jurisdiction, from the site below:

You could access the following site to gather  some information on the Election Commission:

To find information on  the Malaysian  Legislature (Parliament)  (its functions, structure and composition), please go to:

To have an idea of the various pressure groups (NGOs) in Malaysia,  please access this website:

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